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Blue Oyster Cult celebrates 30 years of incredible rock with their new DVD home video A Long Day's Night. All the hits and fan favorites were recorded live June 21, 2002 at the Navy Pier/Skyline Stage in Chicago. This title, along with the companion CD, is the first live release from B.O.C. in twenty years and truly highlights the band's phenomenal career. Set List: Stairway To The Stars, Burning For You, Od’ed On Life Itself, E.T.I., Dance On Stilts, Harvester Of Eyes, Buck’s Boogie, Quicklime Girl, Flaming Telepaths, Harvest Moon, Last Days Of May, Cities On Flame, M.E. 262, Perfect Water, Lips In The Hills, Godzilla, Don’t Fear The Reaper, Dominance And Submission, The Red And The Black. Bonus Features include band interviews, fan interviews, behind the scenes footage.


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English / 120 min / 2002



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