Woman and Cleaver

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The film revolves in Alexandria about a true story of a woman who killed her husband and tore his body to pieces .. Suad Qassem, a young widow her husband left her great fortune and the exhausting daughter Madiha (14 years) in the Smouha district, meet with Mahmoud Alwan quorum on the agricultural road He is widowed to weave his nets on her until he marries her. Many victims robbed Their money, including Albert Habib old man who robbed his savings and continued chasing him to recover them in vain. Mahmoud continues to humiliate Souad, refuses to return the millions he seized from her, and refuses to divorce her and when he tries to rape her only daughter Madiha rushes to slaughter him, chopping his body to pieces and throwing them all in hand .. Suad collapses and confess to the police the truth, and sentenced to life 15 years.


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Arabic / 100 min / 1997



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