For the End of Time

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For the End of Time is a film about the mind… a film about the body and our inability to merge these two entities which are shaping a form of civilization known under the term “human”. A human is not a being unto itself. A human is a construct… a civilization-related coding of a certain precise time and place. A human is not a uniform creature. A human is a split between many things… but the worst is the split carried inside… that between the mind and the body… How can we feel others, if the only universe that an individual truly lives in and feels is his or her own universe? How can you feel for the other… How can the other feel for you? Only as much as the pain of the other resembles yours – thus as a reminiscence of one’s own pain. This is the only way. For the End of Time is a film on a quest… for the eternal longing “to find the real thing.


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Slovenian / 123 min / 2009



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