Hermanoteu In the Land of Godah

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The comedy tells the story of Hermanotheus, brother of Micalateia and typical Hebrew of the year zero, companion, good shepherd and obedient. He receives the divine mission to guide his people to the land of Godah, in a satire on the biblical story of Moses. In a setting that represents an immense desert, actor Ricardo Pipo plays Hermanotheu, who encounters characters on the way from Cleopatra to the son of the Whole -Powerful. Actors Adriana Nunes, Adriano Siri, Jovane Nunes, Victor Leal and Welder Rodrigues take turns in the other roles. The voice of God, which appears in the off-screen, is by Chico Anysio. Following the group's line of satire, “Hermanoteu in the Land of Godah” visits the diversity of the Bible. The comedy also makes numerous quotes from the modern world, bringing the past closer to the present.


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Portuguese / 112 min / 2009



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