Women in the Sun

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August 15, the vacations. Lots of people on the roads. And in particular, a young man on a motorcycle heading for the Midi. There, in a comfortable villa, he meets Emma: middle-aged, with charming children, money and a young girl's heart. In this villa, couples spend comfortable vacations. While the husbands discuss cars, play cards or wrestle with maids, the wives laze in the sun, make themselves beautiful, gossip, scratch each other's nails and dream, above all, of what their lives could be like with another companion. Each one takes stock of who she is and what lies ahead. For Emma, it could be a new start with the young man on the motorcycle she's been thinking about all day. But in the evening, everything goes wrong: a couple breaks up and a phone call announces that the expected guest has been involved in an accident; dead or injured, we don't know! For Emma, reality reweaves its torn web.


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French / 94 min / 1974



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