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I Heaven's plot revolves around three friends with personal ambitions who must face the less pleasant aspects of reality. The story is told from the point of view of 17-year-old Csiwi, a loner who spends his evenings driving around in his brother's car or simply hanging out. He has no idea about the direction his future should take. He runs into Levi and Valeska and they easily become his bosom friends despite their differences. Levi, whose circumstances have constantly been changing, is looking for something stable in his life. He works very hard so that he can afford his own flat. Valeska is restless and fascinated by distant places and change. For her, postcards symbolize places where happiness is hidden. Valeska and Levi represent two different ways of living and Csiwi must decide for himself which road to take. He feels the first pangs of love towards Valeska, and Levi easily becomes a good friend. Together they set off in a new direction, which could be their heaven on earth.


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German / 102 min / 1999



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