The Babysitter 9

They'd Like To Sit On Your Cock!

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Sometimes a babysitter can get real close to the family she works for. Sometimes a girl can develop a crush on the man who employs her. This is the case with Kristina. She's just turned 18 and boy are her juices flowing. Brandi is shocked to find a peeping Tom spying on her while babysitting. And he was jacking off! It's a good thing Mr. Owens rushes home and pulls the man out of the bushes to apologize to Brandi. Cheryl decides to invite her boyfriend over while hanging out with a friend that is babysitting. Leave it up to bored, horny teenagers to wreck a house. Poor little Jesse. Her friends just has an orgy at the house where she's babysitting. Wow, just eighteen years old and Jessie's already a lesbian and had her anal cherry popped!


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English / 85 min / 2001



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