The Violet Girl

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Working as a telephone operator on the nightshift, David Lau received some calls from a woman for a David and agrees to a blind date. Wearing a violet on his lapel, David mistakes someone else for his date. Jennie Lee, a stranger, comes calling at the hotel, addressing a bewildered David with an intimacy that is familiar and awkward. Mok Yu-fuk, the self-proclaimed Sherlock Holmes, follows Jennie but gets robbed. Lau received an invitation to Jennie's birthday party. The guests acting strange at the party. Jennie and Lau take a stroll along the beach. Jennie suddenly hurls herself into the sea in a run. Five years ago, when Jennie was having a heart-to-heart talk with her fiance David Wong on the beach, her neglected brother ran off to the sea and drowned himself. Suffering from a nervous breakdown ever since, Jennie was devasted by the departure of her fiance to America. The hopes Jennie's parents are pinning on the new David to boost their daughter's recovery are merely wishes.


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cn / 109 min / 1966



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