7th Story Concert “Märchen”

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Once upon a time, there was a woman named Therese von Ludowing who lived far from society in Thüringen with her son, März von Ludowing. But, Therese's reputation for her herbal remedies resulted with her being captured by two men in plague masks to be condemned a witch--due to the Black Plague occurring at the time. Although Therese attempts to fight them off when her son unknowingly brought the men to their hut, she is captured while März is tossed into the well outside their home, and she curses the world in her final breath before her execution. The following night, his once white hair stained black - "the color of dusk" - and no memory of who he was, the reborn Märchen von Friedhof emerged from the well after being awakened by a living doll named Elise. Elise compels Märchen to aid seven "princesses" in taking revenge in seven tales to achieve their own revenge. Each tale revolves around a deadly sin.


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Japanese / 218 min / 2011



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