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The film tells the story of Angel (Adila Fitri), a 15-year-old teenage girl who can never accept the condition of her sister Hendra (Ali Mensan) who was born with mental retardation. Although Angel was so embarrassed and hated him, Hendra was never sad. Hendra became a child with special needs due to a small amount of illness. Even so, he remained faithful to give an older brother love to his sister. Because he has a brother who has mental retardation, Angel is often ridiculed by his friends "the idiot". One of the girls at her school named Agnes (Kimberly Ryder) really hates Angel because it is considered a threat to get Aji's heart (Aaron Ashab). The life of Hendra with his own world but still loves his sister. One day, Aji will have a birthday party by inviting all of his friends. Agnes and Angel compete to be the queen of the party.


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Indonesian / 100 min / 2014



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