Blood on the Asphalt

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Abul Hassan is a clerk in the Ministry of Justice who lives with his three sons: Dr. He praises a prestigious center in an international organization abroad. Walaa works in a hotel, but the children are shocked once that their father accused of stealing the file of one of the important issues. He returns to stand beside his innocent father and is surprised that his family has been decomposed. Loyalty has turned into a girl who hugs herself and Ala heroin, trying to identify the reasons that led the family to do so and help his cousin, researcher Siham, whom he had a relationship with love. The doctor begins to recognize the causes of the dissolution of his family one by one, prove the innocence of the father, "Abul Hassan" and commit suicide daughter loyalty and recognizes the son Alaa stealing the file and use heroin to imprisonment.


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Arabic / 109 min / 1992



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