Cbeebies Presents: Strictly Cinderella

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This unique Live Panto combines the ever popular stars of CBeebies with the BBC's biggest Show Strictly Come Dancing. Join the stars of CBeebies for an exciting Christmas treat! Let's head to Hardup Hall where Baron Hardup is about to tell us the story of Strictly Cinderella - the Christmas Pantomime that transports the glass slipper tale to the ballroom. Katrina Bryan from Nina and the Neurons stars as Cinders with Alex Winters as Prince Charming,as well as Phil Gallagher (aka Mister Maker) and Justin Fletcher as the ugly sisters. Prince Charming enters a dance competition - only to be given the lowest score ever by the four judges. Later in the woods, he meets a beautiful girl who teaches him a few steps - but when she disappears, he decides he must see her again, so he holds a royal ball for everyone in the land.


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English / 29 min / 2011



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