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Shortly after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, the Republic sent 3,000 children to Russia to protect domestic bombings. The first to leave were the children in the orphanages. Beatriz, daughter of a wealthy family of right, whose father and brother were Phalangists, became pregnant with a man who refused to marry her and decided to hide her son in an orphanage in Madrid. Upon learning of the impending trip to Russia child, steals the identity of a dead republican (Paula) and volunteers to babysit. Undertake and a terrible journey, surrounded by enemies, and thousands of miles from their country and their world. On June 41, Hitler invaded Russia. The continuous arrival of fresh troops for the defense of Moscow and again hinder the journey of the Spanish. At one of these stops are joined by Alvaro, a political commissar of the Communist Party of Spain.


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Spanish / 115 min / 2011



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