Funeral Circuit

Anything to feel love.

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Seven-year-old Marek - a lonely boy, lost, desperately seeking warmth and love. His parents are two young scientists, completely devoted to their careers. She is just finishing her doctoral thesis, he is sketching new projects to promote him. They apply rigor and ruthless discipline to the child. No bond connects them with a child. They do not try to understand his needs, have no idea about his dreams, problems. Marek falls into severe depression. In the doctor's office, Marek notices a cat. He is awakened by the overwhelming desire to have his own pet - a longed-for friend. Of course, the parents do not even want to hear about it. Marek secretly, for buying pocket money, he buys a cricket - a creature that is small enough to hide from the eyes of his parents.


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Polish / 80 min / 1978



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