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Aviv Geffen, the grandson of legendary Moshe Dayan and number one Israeli rock list, is rapidly becoming a mythic figure himself. He was the last person to embrace Rabin before that controversial politician was assassinated. The charismatic, bisexual singer-songwriter has rapidly become the Jim Morrison or Bob Dylan of his country, a voice that represents peace and integrity for a troubled young generation. Concert footage, kinetically edited and brilliantly shot, reveals the depth of feeling that many Israelis have for Aviv: hip, youthful women and men are clearly enamored of his presence. Directed by Tomer Heymann, this feature documentary follows the life of Aviv Geffen, a controversial Israeli singer whose liberal upbringing led him to refuse to serve in the Israeli military. Over the last six years, Geffen has become a spokesperson for the country's youth, and this film chronicles the rise of his career, his family roots, and how he finds the inspiration to write music.


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English / 80 min / 2003



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