Wedding Swingers

A reunion,a wedding, a fiasco

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ALAN a successful TV producer of popular but bubble-headed sci-fi series, is about to get married to his beautiful fiancée, JENNIFER, the voluptuous but vacuous star of his hit TV show, "Porthole." To celebrate, they schedule a destination wedding in Palm Springs, where he holds a reunion of his closest friends from college. Arriving in Palm Springs to celebrate are a diverse range of characters including his best friends KEVIN , now an attorney who has given up his dreams for the future, his ex-wife GABRIELLE , who is going through a mid-life crisis of her own and has taken up with a young and wild 20 year old, AMBER, the pretentious and prurient blogger IAN , his old college roommate MITCH, a successful and well-adjusted dentist and STEVEN, who is attending with his new boyfriend STEPHEN.


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English / 90 min / 2018



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