A Step from Heaven

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Juan Angel Ruiz suffered a tragic accident that left his life and health in permanent risk but his spirit untouched. Over the past 14 years he has learned that true happiness and hope lies within and began sharing this knowledge with thousands of people trough conferences and writing, becoming a highly condecorated Social Activist. His message was simple: love and enjoy life. After his second encounter with death, his health began deteriorating making it hard for Juan to continue his conferences and mission. Juan Angel reached out for a helping hand and a few years later Eduardo Verastegui, who had recently given a positive significance to his cinematographic work, met him and promised to take his message to the world. Eduardo traveled to Miami and met with Gloria and Emilio Estefan who related perfectly to the situation because of their own stories of adversity and hope. They decide to participate in Juan Angel's last public conference changing life and fate for ever.


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English / 63 min / 2009



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