The Precipice

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Boris Pavlovich Raisky, a bored Petersburg aesthet, comes to his family estate in a small town on the Volga. He hoped to find boredom and the faint-hearted provincials there, and did not expect that in the outback he was waiting for real life, dramatic love and serious passions. Boris Raisky’s estate is a blessed corner where everything pleases the eye: a native old house, tender greenery of birches and lindens, a silver strip of the Volga in the distance. And only a mysterious precipice at the end of the garden frightens the inhabitants of the estate. According to legend, at the bottom of it in ancient times, a jealous husband killed his wife and rival. “Precipice” is a symbolic word in the fate of the main character Vera. It fell to her to fall in love with a nihilist and a cynic who preaches "love for a term", painfully choose between feeling and duty, finally, go down to her beloved person in a cliff, cut off everything that connected with her former life...


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Russian / 136 min / 1984



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