Goemon Rock 2: Rose and Samurai

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A woman has thrown herself away for rescuing a country. A man has picked up a sword to protect a woman. Time in the 17th century, and place in the Iberian Peninsula. The master thief of the era Goemon ISHIKAWA (Arata FURUTA) has been rampaging in the Mediterranean Sea as a protector of a female pirate named Anne the Tornado (Yuki AMAMI)./span> One day, it turns out that Anne is the heir-to-the-throne of a small country. Heard of the corrupt politics in that country after the king's death, her inborn masculine spirit makes-up her mind to become the Queen of the country. The first duty as the Queen is to eradicate the pirates. Against her will, she is forced into a fight against Goemon who protected her former comrades. Godemon, who became suspicious of the series of events, brakes into the castle to steal Anne out. What Goemon saw there was ......!? What would be the fate of Goemon and Anne...!!


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Japanese / 197 min / 2011



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