Soul Desires

It's more than personal.

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Liam, although has everything - health, money, women, he, as ever, approaches the embodiment of his dream - to open the coolest erotic nightclub in Hollywood. He and his partners decide to open the club. But Liam has a problem. Goldberg, one of his partners who does not belong to the most honest people, has a clairvoyant clause that if the club does not open at a proper and agreed date, he will withdraw from the tug. Construction is prolonging, and Liam and other partners are in a time of stress. They need to get the money quickly because they will all face a serious disaster if they miss the deadline. He is in search of beautiful girls for night club, but first of all he has to choose them. One of the girls will do everything she can to be chosen.


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English / 0 min / 2001



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