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After Gasper La Sage and his cohort, Blink Blunk, are released from prison, they make plans for another robbery. The scheme, which requires La Sage to pose as a gentleman, fails. Blunk is arrested, but La Sage goes free. Some time later, La Sage goes to England where he blackmails Lt. Hugh Butterworth, an officer who misappropriated money intended for the widow of a fellow officer, and who owes La Sage money for gambling debts. As payment, La Sage wants Hugh to arrange for him to marry Eleanor, Hugh's sister. Hugh tells his friend Lord Chumley about La Sage, however, and Chumley is able to learn about La Sage's past when he overhears Blunk, now out of jail, threaten his former friend. After La Sage intensifies his suit for Eleanor, Chumley is finally able to discredit him by tearing open his shirt and revealing the mark of the prison. With La Sage out of the way, Chumley and Eleanor announce their engagement as do Hugh and his faithful sweetheart, Jessie.


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English / 40 min / 1914



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