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Leng Yan (Yao Xingtong) is a female doctor studying in Cambridge. Her girlfriends are not ordinary people. There are Ukrainian models with angelic and devil figures, smart forensic women with high-strength kung fu, fortune-telling ladies who have a lot of money to spend their entire lives, and performances of peach blossoms. It is strange that although these girls have excellent conditions, they are always out of love and have repeatedly encountered rotten peach blossoms. In the long run, people have given these people a title-"cold love". 证明 In order to prove that he also has the ability to love and be loved, Leng 玥 and his party decided to take the initiative to attack. By chance, Leng Yan met a man named Cliff (Li William) on the Internet. In reality, he is a coffee shop owner. Leng Yan decided to travel with him under the cliff-mounted radicals.


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Chinese / 90 min / 2018



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