Tender May

A pupil of the orphanage creates a pop group that has become a phenomenon of the perestroika era.

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In 1985, perestroika began in the Soviet Union and the Laskovy May group appeared. At their concerts there were only full houses, from unrequited love for them, suicides were committed. The figure of Mikhail Gorbachev faded in the glory of the creator of "Tender May" - Andrei Razin. An accidental photo taken on the beach, where Andrei Razin, as a child, was captured with the Gorbachev family, turned his fate upside down. It was with the help of this photograph that he became Gorbachev's nephew. He did not say this directly - just hinted, and he was instantly believed. Functionaries of all ranks acted without delay: the doors of television and radio opened before him, the Soviet stage lay at his feet. Razin traveled to all the orphanages of the Soviet Union in search of gifted children for his twin groups.


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Russian / 0 min / 2009



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