The Stories of Han Dynasty

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Po Fu Chen Zhou is a re-enactment of the most fascinating Chinese historical legend. Mainland famous actor Wu Jun stars as an ancient Conqueror while this historical figure's loyal concubine is played by the Hong Kong beauty Kristy Yang. Actors playing the leader in the rivaling camp is no less captivating - the film features Xiao Rong Sheng and Jacklyn Wu Chien Lien as King and Queen. State-of-the-art technology is employed to visualize the grandiose scenarios in an epic war in which 30 thousand soldiers defeated a troop with as many as 200 thousand men. Accompanied by a tender and pretty lady, the ancient Conqueror boosts up the morale of his small force and triumphs over his cunning enemies. You will be stunned by the reconstruction of the fiercest battle scenes in Chinese history!


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Chinese / 0 min / 2003



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