My Darling Slave

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Demetrio Cultrera, is a young rich car dealership Sicilian bachelor who becomes engaged to the beautiful and rich Rosalba Giordano. After their wedding, Rosalba's attitude changes when she decides to try turning Demetrio into the modern husband she'd like. This causes a problem, as Demetrius prefers sticking to what he sees as more traditional gender roles. Despite her attempts, Rosalba's persistent attempts to convert him to the rituals of high society, enlightened, or feminine tastes do little more than annoy him. Strongly determined to build a stable relationship with a woman who can fulfill his visions of peaceful married life, he leaves for the Amazon, where he is offered the opportunity to choose and buy a new wife as a slave. The choice falls on the beautiful and docile Manua that he trains to act the way he'd like, then proudly shows to friends and to his former wife, attracting curiosity, envy, and his ex-wife's resentment.


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Italian / 96 min / 1973



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