Last Train to Nibroc

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Last Train to Nibroc begins in the winter of 1940 when Raleigh and May are forced to share a seat on a crowded train headed east- an event that changes the path of both of their lives forever. Raleigh, a recently discharged flyboy who dreams of becoming a writer, and May, a young woman set on becoming a missionary, meet and discover that they grew up mere miles from each other in Kentucky. The possibility of romance emerges and the two imagine going to the Nibroc Festival together in May’s hometown. But they are thwarted by their own natures and circumstances. An intimate and charming exploration of human relationships. The first part of Arlene Hutton’s Nibroc Trilogy was captured by Cinevative at the Rubicon Theatre Company in California.


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English / 80 min / 2015



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