Only The Strong Have The Right To Dream

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Rats are among the symbolic characters in this film who are always looking for opportunities and space to snatch and snatch other people's produce. The scenes in TYICKOOUNS are an irony. The TYICKOOUNS series begins in Siem Pang village which is a remote village occupied by groups that have been exiled and isolated by the community. The title of this village, 'Siem Pang', is derived from the name of a former Communist prisoner who escaped from prison and hid in the village and finally disappeared. The scenario in Siem Pang includes children being left out of school, teenagers being free without trust, parents not knowing the validity of their marriages, young people being increasingly rude and active with gangs until the Baha Tycoon comes with his forces from Bandar Besar Pongga including Cikgu Gadak wants to change the fate of the villagers. The change brought about by the Baha Tycoon was unpopular with some who eventually led to his assassination.


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Malay / 85 min / 2020



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