May All Your Christmases Be Black

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May All Your Christmases Be Black is a DVD companion piece to the 2006 remake of "Black Christmas". It was made for people to see after they've watched the movie itself, therefore containing/revealing spoilers as to how certain characters die, as well as the identity of the killer. The piece seeks to gain insight from writer/director, Glen Morgan on the whys and hows of not only re-making a popular cult classic, but how it fits within his own career. Filmed fly on the wall-style, the featurette mainly covers Morgan's struggle, for good or for worse, to make his film commercially popular while still trying to include elements like a theme and tone in what is essentially a slasher horror movie. The theme of "family" permeates throughout the movie, but also behind-the-screen as well.


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English / 26 min / 2007



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