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Kembs. 4284 inhabitants. Mike, Fred and J-C, twenty years old, have grown up this Alsace village at the borders of Germany and Switzerland. There's not a lot to do here. The trio charges, head down, smiling admist general indifference. They keep themselves entertained with football matches, half-baked schemes cooked up in the back of the garage, and motorbike rides. But Mike has something a bit extra : for years now, he's nursed a genuine passion for cars and has the unfortunate habit of stealing them before innocently putting the back where he found them. It's his own very personal means of locomotion. More than anything else, he loves driving them and its behind the wheel of a Porsche that he seduces Sandy. He begins a genuine love affair with her. She seems like his best chance, the most luminous one. But Mike is at that uncertain age when choices and new rules impose themselves. Will he know to accept them ?


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French / 86 min / 2011



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