Bob Monkhouse: Master of Laughter

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The story of Bob Monkhouse, one of Britain's most successful entertainers, who enjoyed a stellar career that included comedy writing, appearing in films, presenting on television and hosting radio shows. He's perhaps still best known as the king of the game shows, having hosted over a dozen different formats in his career, from The Golden Shot and Family Fortunes to Bob's Full House and Wipeout. But his first and enduring love was his work as an accomplished stand-up comedian, and his was a career devoted to making audiences laugh. We focus on Bob's work as a stand-up comedian: he was a consummate professional, with each joke in every performance meticulously prepared. Despite the many changes in style and taste in comedy during his lifetime, Monkhouse always managed to adapt his material and performance technique, moving with the times and so remaining popular with audiences throughout his long career.


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English / 94 min / 2020



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