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Korean martial arts movie starring Won Jin "The Scorpion King". Later this movie was cut together with ninja scenes shot in Hong Kong and released under the title Thunder Ninja Kids In The Golden Adventure. Synopsis: When the mysterious stone Buddha located in Cheonghak-dong became known to the world by newspaper reporter Su-Hee, the treasure was stolen by a vicious trafficker. As a result, three boys, Yong, Ho and Chwi, who were being trained in martial arts by Do-In in Mt. Jirisan, secretly exited Cheonghak-dong and come up to Seoul. Su-hee, who is chasing the bad guys after receiving a tip, is kidnapped by the gang, but saves the crisis with the boys' performance. The treasure is recovered after twists and turns, but the villains again kidnap Su-Hee and threaten the boys. They use their mysterious martial arts skills to dramatically defeat the villains and rescue Su-hee. Thanks to this, the boys are applauded for their bravery and receive a commendation from the mayor of Seoul.


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Korean / 0 min / 1988



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