Murder Scene

A botany students life is changed when she recieves a phone call for help.

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University student Zoey Drayden is woken at night by a telephone call from someone screaming for help but dismisses this as a prank. She then begins to have dreams and flashes. The next day, Zoey realises that she is having clairvoyant premonitions of fellow student Jeanette Collier who has been abducted. Without knowing it, Zoey had bumped into Jeanette in the hall just before the abduction. Zoey is able to successfully trace the images in her mind to a phone box where Jeanette managed to escape and make the call to her before being recaptured by her abductor. However, when Zoey goes to the police with the information, detectives Mike Keegan and Frank Stepnoski have her arrested, believing that only the abductor would have such information. Zoey tries to plead with them to believe her story and save Jeanette before she is killed.


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English / 90 min / 2000



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