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An anxious musician finds himself unable to leave his hotel room. Dan Arnés writes and stars in “Please Enjoy Your Stay,” a surreal comedy that employs an ever-shifting dream logic to explore issues of identity and artistic process. Surrounded by slips of paper with scattered notes, a man attempts to check out of a hotel room and move on with his life, whatever that may be. He calls the front desk, but the Concierge (voiced by Conner O'Malley) suggests he stay in the room, as does The Bellhop (Carmen Christopher) and The Maid (Caroline Yost), as they take turns entering his space and attempting to capture his vibe through photographs and music recordings. Directed by NoBudge veteran, Tynan DeLong (continuing to try new things and expand his range), the film is lifted by dreamy, colorful visuals and a lovely score from Arnés himself, alongside its lively comedic performances.


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English / 10 min / 2021



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