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Josef is looking forward to finally fulfilling his old dream of becoming a street clown after retirement. With his charm, he charms even the vigorous Maruška, the owner of the mobile cafe. It's like the two of you have been looking for each other all your life. But isn't it a little late for fateful love? In addition, his daughter Anička and five-year-old Honzík are currently moving into the villa with Josef. She thinks she's done with men for good, but meeting her old love, Pavel, hits her in the heart. A new girl, Evička, joins Honzík in kindergarten. Honzík experiences the feelings associated with love for the first time, he does not fully understand them, so he gathers advice from his mother, grandfather Josef or sympathetic uncle Karel. He also meets love in kindergarten when he falls in love with Honzík's teacher, Eliška. And to add to the rapprochement, Karl's basset Váleček gets along very well with Elišča's basset Šalina.


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Czech / 0 min / 2022



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