Double Exposure

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Mona Lam, who works for a swindling syndicate under duress, scours a nightclub for her new prey and finds the rich heir Cheng Siu-chuen. Struggling to find true bliss, the lovers gain the blessing of Lam's second uncle. On the eve of Cheng's father's birthday banquet, Lam is pressured to strike again under the watchful eye of Lucy sent by the man who's pulling the strings on the marionette behind the scenes who has threatened to kill Cheng. The quick-witted woman aborts the operation, claiming to have spotted her previous victims from amongst the guests. Her confession gains Cheng's understanding, but not his father's. The ringleader brings the liaison to an end by blackmailing the father and putting Lam under house arrest. Helping the girl flee, Second Uncle is killed in the commotion. The police act on the father's tip-off and bust the gang, clearing the way for the lovers to tie the knot.


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cn / 107 min / 1966



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