Az utolsó tánctanár

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Géza Böszörményi's 1975 German-Hungarian co-production film stars János Balogh as a dance and etiquette teacher. He learned the craft from his father and now travels the country with his son Simon. They are on their way to Hortobágy to "celebrate" the closing ball of their dance school. But before that, they are teaching the locals the tricks of the art of gentlemanly behaviour in Pest. But the Hortobágy dance exam is not as successful as in the good old days. The young people have only one thing on their minds: to live in the capital as soon as possible, and in the Hortobágy they will soon be nothing but horsemen and cowboys entertaining the western tourists of the National Park. János Balogh and his son also go back to the bleak and soulless prefab housing estate, where Simon tells his father that he no longer wants to be a dance teacher.


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Hungarian / 60 min / 1975



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