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Sofia is the black sheep of her family. She is a 28-year-old gay girl who can’t help but cheat on her partner and struggles to find a stable job. She has left a little town in Calabria, her homeland in Southern Italy, to move to Milan, where she lives with her roommate Alessandro. Mauro is Sofia's brother. Reliable and loving, unlike Sofia with whom he has a troubled relationship, Mauro has never left Calabria and runs the family winery. Despite their opposite attitudes, Sofia and Mauro has one thing in common. Michela is Sofia's first and only love, but she is Mauro’s bride-to-be. When Sofia realizes that she is about to lose the woman of her life, she decides to go back home to Calabria and win back her true love. This unexpected return will break the delicate balance of Mauro and Sofia’s family and will force the two siblings to a showdown, when they will choose who they really want to be when they grow up. A story of rekindled loves, friendship, growth, and family.


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Italian / 107 min / 2023



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