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From the billowing gauze of The Meatloaf Suite to the twinkling lights on The Kem & Amber terrace, every detail of Silky Hotel has been designed with obsessive care by romance gurus Jim and Barbara. This is the only hotel where you'll find the original tent peg from Brokeback Mountain and the air is infused with the delicate aroma of oysters. Prepare to smell the love. But Silky Hotel is in trouble. Guests don't turn up like they used to, and unbeknownst to Jim, the debt collectors are closing in. In a last-ditch effort to save Silky's, Barbara takes a punt on an advert from the local paper: 'TV SHOW WANTS THE WORLD'S MOST ROMANTIC HOTEL.' When flashy producer Coral arrives, Jim and Barbara must wrangle their motley crew of staff to ensure they make it onto TV. If they fail, it'll be check-out time at Silky Hotel - for good.


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English / 37 min / 2021



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