Things Not Forgotten

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Memories from the past stifle a family's hopes for the future as three generations of men strive to move forward and break life's vicious cycle of self deprecation. —N.L. Starr A play about three generations of men who find themselves in a predicament that forces them to confront the demons of the past through the exposure of secrets held by their wives in the present. A dying grandfather realizes that he must reconnect with his son whose resentment toward him is slowly beginning to deteriorate the relationship with his son. A father is forced to come to grips with the consequences of actions made in the past and for the first time, see the same patterns in himself that he so vehemently criticizes in others. A son who truly loves his father and fears disappointing him, must find a way to tell him what he's been hiding before he finds out on his own. One family; three men, three stories and three secrets, to be revealed in an emotional world of time constraints. —C.D. Shaw


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English / 11 min / 2015



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