Back Then

All the flavors of childhood.

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Marta is a romantic and a loser in school. She shares a room with her sister Kasia and grandma, who tells her granddaughters insurgency stories instead of fairy tales. In the room behind the wall, the parents - Tadek and Elżbieta - live their married life. He is an intelligent constantly humiliated by the state, he also makes his own moonshine after work and silently envies his prosperous brother in law. She is the leader of the "Solidarity" union at work, with the need for freedom and a dream to get out of Poland. The real adventure for the family starts when they manage to get their dream orange Fiat 126p. Ela and Tadek discover their appetite for trading and trips abroad, and the growing Marta will fall in love for the first time.


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Polish / 94 min / 2021



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