souvenirs entomologiques #1: Oodonata/ weathering data

Poster for souvenirs entomologiques #1: Oodonata/ weathering data



„Weathering data“ explores the entanglements of humans, weather and insects in a data driven world. It follows dragonflies on multiple scales through time and space: from their geological past into uncertain futures, from ecosystems to museum collections, from embodied weather worlds into detached data clouds while multiple insect identities are mediated, shaped and reshaped by co-evolving modes of mapping, monitoring and collecting. On the edge of biocultural diversity extinctions, and situated in the new climatic regime, the speculative video essay traces the metamorphosis of a data bank into a consciously collecting network: pausing monological accumulations of data it is unlocking memory space for alternate knowledges, cultural values, colonial histories and eco-logical futures. While data based ontologies promise measures of knowing and controlling futures the recollection of traditional ecological knowledge reframes observation as practice of care.


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    English / 20 min / 2021



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