Sandra Lahnsteiner shows what she continuously aims for: connecting to people and environments. Her main means: sports in all its facets.

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Without knowing each other, pro mountain biker Hannah Barnes from Scotland and Austrian freeskier Sandra Lahnsteiner set off to a trip to Iceland together. Their plan is to explore the Troll Peninsula while doing both their sports: freeskiing and mountain biking. Hannah however, is only an average skier; how will she feel following Sandra, a pro freeskier with steep skiing experience, into the backcountry? Will she be able to leave her comfort zone, and how can Sandra support her? Vice versa, Sandra will chase the mountain bike girl on the challenging single trails in the vast country of Iceland.By putting on the others’ shoes, the athletes show unseen vulnerability when things turn messy and stressful. The film CONNECTS prompts the audience to connect and identify with Hannah and Sandra and become excited to see how they cope with the challenges along the way.


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English / 17 min / 2018



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