Chapiteau Show: Love and Friendship - Part 1

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A cyberstranger, a deaf baker, hipsters and Crimea, all in the first part of Sergei Loban's dilogy. Love. This is a performance not to be missed! A love story between a fragile girl who daydreamed of becoming a princess and Cyberstranger, a mysterious young man hiding behind a nickname. A sea of tears and an abyss of despair! Can Cinderella and the Invisible Man be together? Step right up, step right up! Friendship. Light the lights! There is a show in town today! Here is a story of a deaf young man with a flaming heart and a boy with an ice shard in his eye. Witness insidious betrayal and unbending courage! Danko and Kai – fire and ice collide! Will the universe survive the battle of the elements? A spectacle you have never seen before and will never see again!


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Russian / 107 min / 2012



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