Le furet

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Maxime is a hardened bachelor who takes advantage of his freedom and assumes to live without ties or children. He has finally agreed to help a couple of friends who are trying to have a child by artificial insemination, by donating sperm to speed up the procedure. His life changes the day a rather invasive brother arrives at his home, accompanied by a rather hairy ferret, and when, in the middle of a torrid evening in gallant company, this ferret bites his private parts, making him permanently sterile. Realizing that he will never be able to have children, Maxime tries to get his gift back, only to learn that it has already been used for Lisa Barrot, a famous and seductive sports journalist. Aware that she will be the mother of his only child, he decides to do everything possible to meet her and get to know her.


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French / 88 min / 2021



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