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The story of Dwight Core, Jr. and his family, following up the events of the home documentary "Think of Me First as a Person", shot decades ago by his father Dwight Core, Sr. and portraying the love a boy with Down syndrome shares with his four sisters, but also a heartache common to the era's disabled: leaving home for an institution. The little boy, Dwight Core, Jr., grew into a tall, 48-year-old man who enjoyed coloring and watching television in the living room of the Ocean View section of Norfolk, Virginia home he shared with one of his sisters, Cindy Klingler. In 2007, filmmaker Roger M. Richards brought the story of Dwight Core, Jr. to the present, documenting him as a grown man and the continuing love and devotion of his sisters to their brother.


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    English / 14 min / 2007



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