Bye, Bye Harry

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Emma Madson meets her ex-boyfriend Ian Dickens, a windbreaker with a head full of ideas. Ian once again has a new idea: he wants to trade old car models and convinces Emma to invest in an old Jaguar and go with him to Switzerland to sell it. The character of well-known comedian Harry Hackett, who died last week, passes in front of the car, and the car with Ian and Emma ends up in a tree. Ian comes up with a new plan to rehabilitate himself in front of Em: what if he digs up Harry Hackett's body, takes a photo of it, then buries the coffin even deeper in the same grave and demands a ransom from the widow? When Hackett's body is in fact stolen, who did it and why becomes increasingly confusing. Ian, whose true plan was to rescue Emma, ​​risks losing everything.


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German / 90 min / 2006



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