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A completely fantastic programme, charting the time of our favorite presenter at the head of the then struggling and controversial BBC2. Packed chock full of interviews, clips and reminiscences both old and new, including the very tasty Joan Bakewell of the 60s. Sir David Attenborough's reign as controller of BBC TWO, from 1965 to 1973, is still thought of as the golden age of television. He was responsible for a number of programme strands that were, and many argue still remain, the high point of public service broadcasting. Match of the Day and Pot Black sat alongside comedy such as The Likely Lads and Not Only But Also. Horizon, Man Alive, One Pair of Eyes, Masterclass, The Forsyte Saga and The Money Programme set the standard for years to come. Sir Attenborough also commissioned series on a grand scale: Kenneth Clark's Civilisation and Jacob Bronowski's Ascent of Man remain two of the great creations of television.


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English / 43 min / 2002



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