Così, così... più forte

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Two young women, Lisa and Susan, meet and fall in love at a tennis club in Rome. The two lovers disappear into the privacy of the nightclub and its lounges with carpets and goldfish in the glasses. But their harmony is disturbed by the arrival of a man: Susan cheats on Lisa with Fred. Between jealousy and bottles of Johnnie Walker, the triangle explodes in a luxurious apartment. More elegantly, we will move from the lounge to the police station, where the officer of service will make a duty to lecture them. For the trio there is only one alternative: collective suicide in a classic car, they launch themselves at the bottom of the cliff in order to free themselves from the weight of an misunderstood existence. No one kills anyone: death is a deliberate choice in the face of the tragic absence of an alternative in a world that only condemns.


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Italian / 87 min / 1970



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