Lenny & Sid: Love Thy Neighbor

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Introducing Lenny & Sid... a shy, daydreaming rabbit and a powerhouse of a mouse who meet for the first time in this animated debut from Toonacious Family Entertainment! Love Thy Neighbor is the beginning of an unlikely friendship between two "opposites" who find that God is the only thing that they have in common. In an effort to blend in, Lenny avoids conflict and confrontation at all costs. That also means avoiding Sid, the new neighbor with an "in your face" approach who's on a mission to make Lenny his new friend. Unfortunately, Sid's good intentions land Lenny in the path of Hilda, the school bully who is anything but friendly! It's the story of how two totally different personalities find true friendship because of their differences and in spite of driving each other nuts! Discover the fun and exitement when this endering twosome produces hilarious results in Love Thy Neighbor.


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English / 30 min / 2003



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