Emmerdale: Revenge

Treachery & Deceit In The Big City

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Roy is a little too quick to accept Pollard's generous offer of a trip to London. It soon becomes clear they both have ulterior motives. Just what shady deal is Pollard cooking up this time, and who is the mystery man Roy is obsessed with finding? Meanwhile Kathy intends to enjoy her prize weekend away but her wild plans are hampered when she finds herself chaperoned by the well-meaning Marlon. Will he let her appreciate the bright city lights to the full or will he stifle the aroma of romance which lingers in the air? A relaxing weekend of fun becomes a matter of life and death as they are drawn into an intriguing web of deceit and extreme danger. Suddenly life in Yorkshire begins to seem little more than a distant and happy memory as ghosts from the past haunt the present and death lurks around every corner.


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English / 85 min / 1998



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